1/ Office Address : 46 Ly Thai To Street, District 3, HCM city Viet Nam
Tel : (848) 8325846 - 8351431 Fax : (848) 8325768
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Website : www.dnktechco.com

2/ Established year : 02/10/1995
Member of Water Quality Association since 1998 Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade by US DOC in 2005

3/ Scope of Business :
- Design install residential & industrial water treatment systems
- Specialized in process water for electronics, pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Foods & beverages
- Repair, maintain, upgrade water treatment sytems
- Water treatment consulting

4. DNK History & Development 1995:

Establish in October 1995, The starting scope of business is involved in the trading of water treatment equipments and materials imported from USA.

1997 Extend the scope of activity to technical services (after sale services , long-term maintenance, technical consulting)
Cooperate with partners to expand the business network in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces as: Nha Trang, Da nang, Pleiku

1998 Apply the Auto control system program in water treatment projects for food, cosmetic, seafood processing industries with flow rate up to 300 m3/day.

1998 Join Water Quality Association ( WQA) .
Realize water treatment system for the customers of seafood processing, food & with flow rate up to 30 m3/hour. Typical customers: Hai Thuan seaproducts Co; SonHai Co. ( Vilo noodles)

1999 Apply Reverse Osmosis technology in beverages , pharmaceutics , pure water bottling lines. Apply automatic control systems for Deionizers in cosmetics, pharmaceutical projects.

- Autovalves in the control of Deionizers for cosmetics- Food & Pharmaceutics Typical customer : Lever VN

2001 Apply Ozone technologies for industries

2002- 2003 : Apply Ultrafiltration (UF) technologies for customers in wine production and mineral water Typical customer : Sake wine Factory- Tigifood- Fataco- Thien Long Biro Co, Tan tien Plastic Co Start the website : http://www.dnktechco.com to expand and develop the business through internet communication.

2004- 2005
Apply RO combined with
Two bed DI-process to produce water with conductivity at 0.8 microSiememns/cm for cosmetic customers:

Typical Customer (Unilever - Navico Aval Cosmetics Co.) USA Departement of Commerce awarded certificate of appreciation for achievement in trade for creating international trade between the USA and Vietnam

2006- 2007 -Apply new technics of UF combined with RO in brandy production. -Apply microprocessors in control sytems , connect to PC to display, store operation data. Typical Customers: Halico ( Hanoi Liquor Co. ) Sanofy Synthelabo

2008-2010 Develop new water systems controlled by PLC , new technical process ( Mixed bed DI , Electrodeionizers(EDI)systems for hi-tech industries, (film processing, electronics, power, cosmetics, food processing .)

Typical customers : CCH engineering Ltd ( Sabeco Song Lam), Unilever International Ltd.

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